Parents sometimes wonder why their children don’t want to go to school anymore, especially if the change is sudden and their child had been okay before. A reason could be because of bullying. Bullying can leave a child both emotionally & physically scarred, it can lead to a lifelong lack of confidence. Recently at school our teacher showed us a movie of a girl who was trying to stop bullying and to do this she asked for a meeting with John Key. The movie showed a fight between two girls, it was a really nasty fight and you saw one girl throw the other to the ground and start kicking her in the ribs really hard, she then took the girls hair and smashed her head on the concrete floor at least 5 or 6 times. It was a really nasty attack which knocked out the other girl but this didn’t stop the bully who started to kick her again. I couldn’t watch any more so I looked away and as I looked at the faces of my classmates I could see that they were as shocked as me. 

The message that I want everyone to know is that if you see bullying is wrong and you can’t just walk away from it. It is everyones responsibility to try stop bullying.


My favorite game is resistance2 you start the game in a army base that is under attack by aliens called chimera.  You are the main character whose name is Nathan hale. The objective for the first level is to destroy a giant metal robot called a Goliath, using the weapon called the lark. The lark is a rocket launcher with a unique ability to shoot a  rocket that brakes up into allot of smaller rockets. I wold tell you more about it but I don’t want to ruin the surprise just in case you get this game fore yourself. also this game can go up to 4 players and this is only available on ps3.Resistance 3 is coming out in may 2011 🙂 .