Parents sometimes wonder why their children don’t want to go to school anymore, especially if the change is sudden and their child had been okay before. A reason could be because of bullying. Bullying can leave a child both emotionally & physically scarred, it can lead to a lifelong lack of confidence. Recently at school our teacher showed us a movie of a girl who was trying to stop bullying and to do this she asked for a meeting with John Key. The movie showed a fight between two girls, it was a really nasty fight and you saw one girl throw the other to the ground and start kicking her in the ribs really hard, she then took the girls hair and smashed her head on the concrete floor at least 5 or 6 times. It was a really nasty attack which knocked out the other girl but this didn’t stop the bully who started to kick her again. I couldn’t watch any more so I looked away and as I looked at the faces of my classmates I could see that they were as shocked as me. 

The message that I want everyone to know is that if you see bullying is wrong and you can’t just walk away from it. It is everyones responsibility to try stop bullying.

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  1. Thank you Josh.

    Great persuasive essay. It read really smoothly, and your points were logically and emotionally argued.

    Yes, there very often is a lot of “overkill”, which shows we often don’t know our own strengths or weaknesses.

    When we do, we understand others better and we bully them less.

    Thank you for sharing the collective and individual reactions and reflections of your classmates.

    I never thought “Just walk away” or “Ignore it” was a good idea. And we can try.

    Make the “if you see bullying” sentence clearer because you are making a very important point.

    And I loved your opening sentence!

    (in fact the person may not have been “okay before”, and “okay” is not so much of a life sometimes. On the other hand our “okay” can be someone else’s “fantastic” or “terrible”. Love the power of your understatement).

    So agree about the “lifelong loss of confidence”. You might notice it a lot when a confident person has been bullied. It’s a loss and you grieve it for them and for you. (especially when there is so little gain).

    Thinking about the girl: sometimes you do want to finish the person off. One of our greatest fears is isolation or annihiliation, so having someone live out your greatest fear. And there was a strong intention to intimidate, and the repeated blows showed this well[!].

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