Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Over the school holidays, I have been reviewing a game that I have wanted for months now. It is called Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

 The main point of the game is the struggle between the templar and the assassin is still going on. You play the main character Ezio who is the most wanted assassin at that time.

 Ezio is hiding in a small town some were in Italy. He is in his bedroom with his wife, when all of a sudden a canon ball destroys the roof of his house. He rushes to his horse and rides to the town’s wall were he helps the assassins of the town. He uses one of the canons to destroy the templar boarding units. However, there is too many and they breach the city walls, were Ezio is shot.

 He then wakes up in Roam were he is selected to train an elite brotherhood to defeat the leader of the templar.      

 This game I am hoping to get for my birthday on the 23rd of December. This game is for 15 and over, unless supervised by an adult or guardian           (for Xbox and playstation3 only)

by tEdits

2 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

  1. Josh
    You sound like me! I spend ages reviewing and thinking about something I want to get or buy.
    I hope you eventually get to help the templars bring Ezetile to ground.
    The game sounds like it is full of action, adventure and you will need all your wits about you.
    Miss T

  2. Mis T
    thank you for the comment i am really hopeing to get that game for my birthday.
    (The creators of the game have just realeased a new game that i want just as much, so im going to write a post about it)

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