South Island Akaroa

This week Miss Trask gave us a home work task where we had to choose a place in the south island.  And write an article on it, at first I had no idea where I should write about, so I asked my parents and they said I should write about Akaroa.

Akaroa is a small town in the south island. In the 1800 when the British had just declared the treaty of Waitangi had just been declared, the French were hoping to buy some land before the British did. They also needed a docking area for them to transport food. Fortunately for them they all ready had a ship heading forNew Zealand. So the French decided to buy a small town called Akaroa.

Once the French had cast anchor at Akaroa they mead an agreement with the Maori Chief. So the French returned home to collect the money. When the French returned the Maori Chief had sold it to someone else.

I think some where along the line the Maori sold it to the French. And today the village is both Maori and French.