Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Over the school holidays, I have been reviewing a game that I have wanted for months now. It is called Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

 The main point of the game is the struggle between the templar and the assassin is still going on. You play the main character Ezio who is the most wanted assassin at that time.

 Ezio is hiding in a small town some were in Italy. He is in his bedroom with his wife, when all of a sudden a canon ball destroys the roof of his house. He rushes to his horse and rides to the town’s wall were he helps the assassins of the town. He uses one of the canons to destroy the templar boarding units. However, there is too many and they breach the city walls, were Ezio is shot.

 He then wakes up in Roam were he is selected to train an elite brotherhood to defeat the leader of the templar.      

 This game I am hoping to get for my birthday on the 23rd of December. This game is for 15 and over, unless supervised by an adult or guardian           (for Xbox and playstation3 only)

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My favorite game is resistance2 you start the game in a army base that is under attack by aliens called chimera.  You are the main character whose name is Nathan hale. The objective for the first level is to destroy a giant metal robot called a Goliath, using the weapon called the lark. The lark is a rocket launcher with a unique ability to shoot a  rocket that brakes up into allot of smaller rockets. I wold tell you more about it but I don’t want to ruin the surprise just in case you get this game fore yourself. also this game can go up to 4 players and this is only available on ps3.Resistance 3 is coming out in may 2011 🙂 .

My favourite colour

Josh M bugatti

I have hundreds of favorite colours but blue tops them and to add more reasons to why I choose this  picture, is also because it includes my favourite car the Bugatti. One of the most fastest cars in the world it costs 2.5 million dollars and they have only made an estimate of 100 of these. I suggest you don’t get one of these unless you live in Germany where you can actuallyreach its max speed limit, which is roughly 500km/Ph

Photo by: philippluecke  Creative commons license 2.0 Generic.